Deborah Le Corre

Phd, certified coach

Deborah Le Corre holds an M. Eng, M.BA and PhD in Science and has spent 10 years of her scientific career in New Zealand before changing career to become a Life coach.

As a coach, she is certified from The Clique Academy (UK) and has trained as a facilitator at the Thriving Institute (US). While she is not a physician, she works with people, from all genders and cultural backgrounds, who experience burn-out, post-concussion syndrome, light post-traumatic syndrome, A.D.H.D, A.S.D and other mood disorders; and want to implement change in their life / career.

Deborah channels her joyful and curious nature to understand the underlying root cause of confusion, indecision and inaction; shares evidence-based tools and theories; and helps you use them to make confident choices and actions.

She believes in inherited trauma and somatic work theories, and practices a holistic coaching approach that has you work not only on your mindset but invites you to partner with your body and nervous system as well. (No toxic positivity or wishful thinking here).

Outside of her interest in different coaching philosophies, Deborah’s particular interests are in yoga, tramping, and any water/bathing activity.