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Venn Mind Health is an online mental health consultation service providing patients with practical, personalised and holistic treatment plans. We focus on natural remedies instead of immediately reaching for the medications to stifle the real issues present that are causing you distress or a loss of self. 

From us you will receive a comprehensive review of your requirements and a personalised plan to help combat and improve the feelings that are holding you back. That plan will be clearly explained to you and your primary health provider for seamless support. 

Anxiety and depression are incredibly common, so you do not need to feel alone in this journey. 

We will work with you to put tried and tested solutions in place to help you manage your anxiety and depression – at your pace. 

Regain your confidence and happiness one step at a time.

We use HIPAA compliant video platform for consultations to ensure the protection of critical health data. 

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About Me

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Dr. Venkat Naga is a qualified Consultant Psychiatrist, who has been working in various community mental health centres around Auckland. He specialised in Adult Psychiatry with a focus on helping patients with anxiety, clinical depression, A.D.H.D., A.S.D & other mood disorders.

He is dedicated to reaching the underlying root cause of the symptoms and provides conservative but effective medication management to help balance life.

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